preparing the place
doming (clarito), eva, celly, maning, divine, precy,boyboy, grace, fermin, doming (aclao) and javier
jasso and lina
precy, momoy and divine
roger, jasso and celly
divine and grace
precy, jasso, celly, momoy and divine
roger and celly
boyboy, maning, jasso and momoy
jasso, precy, momoy and divine
javier, lina, boyboy, eva and fermin
doming clarito, eva, maning, celly, precy, divine, grace, boyboy, fermin and javier
the girls being girls
fermin, javier, divine, lina,nestor aserit, roger, grace, celly, boyboy, maning and jasso
doming clarito, divine maning, fermin, javier and boyboy
the girls showing off again
momoy, boyboy, jaime and juanito
momoy and divine
roger, lina, nestor bulan, dayday, lea, celly, precy, eva and eddie
loreta, momoy, mimi, lina and divine
a nice group setting
miss palilea delivering her address
thelma and mr. and mrs. dominador palines
Precy's Sweet Memories
thelma, divine and nestor aserit
mr. palines delivering address
loreta, nestor aserit, divine and carding
the sharing part
sharing graces with friends
two girls dancing for their elders
singing their graduation song
saying graces before meal
jasso showing off
mimi taking picture of jasso, miss palileo and thelma
singing their graduation song
blowing balloons
girls showing off their hawaiian dancing moves
they ain't finished singing their song yet...
finally the song is done, let's eat...
a very nice time to eat
dining al fresco
"it's another beautiful day in sulat!"
take care of that balloon now
thanks god it didn't rain
we can make it if we try, blow some more
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a perfect day for celebrating
poor piggie, too much sun tan
of all things, i got an empty bowl!
somebody, get the girls something to eat. after all they delivered a nice dance
ayiee, kadamo hin layaw dinhi nanhitima kita
ay pagpinanngulaw maning kay mauubusan ka
precy's ogto grace
nice group shot
javier singing
warning: do not disturb
cholesterol, high blood pressure, let's eat!
maupay kay waray tubak hit iyo pinupuruk-an...
precy, mimi and divine
pido singing to dayday
please, those at the other end, pass the toothpick if you may. it's a long table
bomoto ngani in nga lobo, may manggud kakalasan
di la gihap hira human?
see, everybody's happy
suga man kamo hit karaslon. bitiw!
long time no see!!!
maybe someday in the near future, maybe!
asya it it sinisiring nga turo-turo
hey, one of us is getting sleepy
aduy, ngin upod na it it mother, jasso
what a memory now...