Dear Classmates,

Thank you for electing me as your new president. I see this as more than just a job; but, together, we will be able to achieve our goals. I do believe that the greatest strength of our group is our ability to work together.

My priorities include ensuring that our organization is in good financial shape at all times, and ascertain that transparency will be practised starting on our financial statement and cash flows. We will hear all voices put on the table, practice democratic process to agree and disagree on all issues of concern. We will find ways to involve all classmates in decision making by providing them the means to communicate with us via our website or text messages.

My short term goal is to accomplish within a reasonable period of time the following agenda:
1.  SEC registration -  The advantage of being registered is our capability to be officially recognized as an organization and  to have our class logo; but, to accomplish these we need volunteers to do the following tasks:     
    -  Drafting of the "BY-LAWS"    
    -  Designing of the Class Logo - I volunteer
2.  Membership Fee - to ensure that everyone will participate, feel connected and accountable. However, I believe that not everyone has the means to pay, hence, I propose the sponsorship process. Meaning I can pay for two or more classmates in their behalf.
3. Additional Positions - If  rules allow changes on the organization chart, I propose to add the following positions and other positions you deem necessary:       
    - Asst. Treasurer       
    - Asst. Auditor       
    - Business Managers      
    - Sgt. at Arms
4. Design of our class souvenir book - Need Volunteers 
5. Pagkirita # 2 - year 2010 or 2011 ? 
6. Hermano/Hermana Mayor Sulat Fiesta 2010, or     Manila Residents Fiesta Sponsor 2010 ?
7. Monthly schedule meeting - i.e. every 1st Saturday    of the month! what do you think?

Now, I look forward to hear from you and to work with you for our common good.

Thank you and best regards,

A P Cela 2008 Class President
(Taken from the message written in Yahoo Group LAClass'68E-Zone)
A Message From the Newly Elected
Class President