Those who we are thankful for all the the
help they contributed and the advise they offered:
please meet      
The one I run to
for help and always do, Nella
Plaza Betz
The one who was there from the start, Myrna Balagapo
My friend and his wife, a through and through supporter and whose pictures you see in a lot of pages, Fred and Paz Cela.
My sister, Nelia S. Columbretis.
She might have the smallest
picture but is the biggest inspiration.
No picture available. Mitos Ojeda whose contributions and untiring help made this site the way it is now.
To this person, click the image to see him, whose impatience made me do the work here even if I didn't want to.
To one and all, Thank you very much!
Grace A. Solidon, my cousin, whose
untiring effort to correct, edit the texts and contribute items to the web made it what it is today 
Rachel A. Baldado whose lively personality
makes those who visit feel at home and enlivens the website.