former teachers with some classmates
more dancing
dance everyone!
husband and wife doing a number
mahak-mahak na
let the games begin
boyboy singing
boyboy and mimi
thelma and louise, er jasso, magbalaye
the class singer and paragkilaw, javie
more games
and then some more games
jasso naghuhweting?
logro diyes, logro diyes!
hi boyboy ngay-an an iginbabaligya
magpakangungudyot ada in hira
an iba ha beach pagsasarayaw
then ha dagat
hayan, masakit na ang mha tiyan
enjoying swimming
loreta in swimsuit
she took a dip
And then the day after in Luyang...
our reliable helps
nice chat, huh?
feeling comfy...
jasso and dayday with necy in the foreground
kinda dark here guys, isn't it?
watch the coconut tree fall later...
i say watch the coconut tree fall later...
in a minute, matumba in...
hi jasso ma in nga natumba...
thelma and me
fermin and divine
celly and maning
necy and me
watch out later...
aahh, ayos lang pala...
mano ben, javie, maning, boyboy and jasso
sharon and gabby
the only thorn among the roses
jasso and celly
divine and celly
sayang ang posing ng mga ladies, lousy shot and labas
jasso, javie and maning
angie, thelma and mimi
eva, angie, thelma, mimi and ely
celly, eva, divine, angie, thelma, mimi, ely and lina
And yet still days after... at Javie's backyard
jasso, bebot and javie
me, gerardo and tito
me, gerardo, tito, bebot and javie
jasso, gerardo, tito, bebot and javie Lina's birthday
eva on the microphone...
ano ini' seryoso ma kamo hini?
lina and necy
romance is in the air...
dayday and mano tittit
jasso and celly
jasso, celly and necy
lina singing yo jasso
At Grace's house
attorney, grace and jasso
attorney, grace, jasso and i
Celebrating Pagkikrita 2008 III
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