The way to Sulat
For those coming from all the different places all over the world, coming to Sulat is an easy task. The Philippines has three international airports: One in Manila (Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the main door to international travel), one in Cebu and another in Davao City.

If people are flying in from Manila, the Tacloban terminal
will be the local airport that they will use. In Tacloban, people can either use regular buses or air conditioned mini-buses going to Borongan or Guiuan. They have to get off at Sulat. From the terminal, they can hire a local sikad-sikad (pedicab) or a tricycle going to their particular destination.                                                               
Coming from Manila by bus (Pantranco or Eagle Star) or a private car maybe an arduous travel but it is an adventure in itself. Seeing the sights are surely an eyeful. One can see Mt. Makiling in Los Banos,
the Pacific Ocean in Quezon Province,
Mayon Volcano in Legaspi and crossing
San Barnardino Strait is another adventure.
Take a camera if you are taking this route.
Crossing the island of Samar from the west
to the east can be scary for the uninitiated,
the roads crudely carved out of the mountains
is enough for one to lose their last enjoyed
meals. Once one gets to the terminal, the
same local transports are used going to their

From Guiuan and Borongan, Sulat can be reached through the overland route along the Pacific Coast. Any land transportation goes this way. From the local terminal, the same local ways of transportation are used.

Getting around Sulat, one can go around by walking. Or if one chooses, there are the pedicabs and tricycles. Tricycles can be used for more distant travels like going to the other barangays outside of Sulat.

There is also an enjoyable way of getting to other inland barangays. There are pumpboats and the ever useful dugout banca we locally call baloto.  Riding along the  river in either can be breath-taking especially during the summer days when the fallen flowers from the trees are flowing down the waters. If one is a bird fancier, this should be done at least once in one's visit.

Bancas or pumpboats are used going to the different islands dotting the coast along Sulat and especially going to the island of San Vicente (Puro). A recommended activity is going to the islands at the eastern side of the town. Bring food and drinks and an underwater eye gear. The sight is spectacular!