The Wordless Wonders
Part I
After Rome's celebrations, after the emperor has retired, the pomp at the arena is replaced by the gloom of this room.
The Spoliarium, by Juan Luna
Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Overshadowed only by the real experience.
In The Mountains, by Bierstadt
Circe Offering the Cup To Ulyssis
Who says that the grand cannot be serene?
Isn't every woman an enchantress?
The Bohemian
Dread and misery, a sad company.
The Broken Pitcher
Of despair and resignation.
The Bethrothed
In glorious anticipation.
Morning Light on the Garden Steps, James Arthur
Beyond the horizon is the heart of a long missed
loved one.
Pergola in Amalfi, by Carl Frederick Aagaard
An old world land and seascape.