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Class of '80
The year 2005 marks the 25th year of our graduation from our beloved Loyola Academy and also marks the day when we each went on our own path with the burning wish to realize our dreams. After 25 years I know that lots of dreams must have come true and some have not. For those who finally realized their dreams and even surpassed them, my congratulations and for those who are still out there pulling all their strings and using all their lifelines to get to where they want to be, the best of luck!
Dear 1980 graduates of Loyola Academy,
Before we all get too old to share our experiences, I would like to suggest that we get together and hold a Class Reunion in the year 2005.
I will be going back home to the Philippines (with my family) in November 2005 and will stay until the 1st week of January 2006 and hopefully, others might do the same, so if you’d like to, we can hold our class reunion around this time.
Vivian Balaong Duran (Canada), Villa Adamas Zipp (Europe), Adelina Acong (Hongkong) and myself (Europe) will be your reunion co-ordinators abroad. We would however need some of you at home (Philippines) to co-ordinate this reunion and to communicate with us. If any one of you is interested please feel free to email me and I will communicate my address and phone number to you.
Find the batch list* below and… Come and join in!
On behalf of Class of 1980,
Amor Margarita Balana-Klippmark
Email: aklippmark@hotmail.com

Please COPY this form, fill it out, and send it to me through an email attachment. Please get in touch with any one on the list. You can also call any of the highlighted  names you’ll find on the list (in case you know how to get in touch with them). Thank you and hope to see you soon!
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Choice of Venue (Manila, Sulat):
Number of Guests to bring with:
Date of Reunion Chosen: Duration of activities (3 days or 5 days):
Contribution (monetary or in kind):
Do you want to be a Reunion Co-ordinator? Yes ( ) No ( )

*The following list was taken from our graduation programme. Those of you who do not see your names on this list must have gone to any class between 1st and 4th year but have actually not graduated with us or received their high school diploma from Loyola Academy and may not join the reunion as members of the graduating class but will be most welcome as guests to be brought by anyone who is a class member.
BATCH 1980 of LOYOLA ACADEMY (Sulat, Eastern Samar, Philippines)
Principal: Mr. Severo L.Caspe
Class Diamond (47)- Mrs. Rosie Dayondon, adviser
1. Acala, Andres 17.Rebaroja, Juan
2 .Aclan, Siervo  18. Redovan, Roberto33. Lumbaga, Valentina
3. Acojedo, Danilo      19. Sumbilla, Florian  34 Olivas, Genoviva
4. Adena, Noli     20.Abrigon, Judith    35. Ero, Rosita
5. Afable, Edwin  21. Acampado, Eulogia    36. Espinosa, Nelia
6. Amigo, Ismael 22. Aclan, Meguila   37. Germino, Rosalia
7. Belanigue, Ben 23. Adamas, Ma. Villa       38.Lapesura, Nedina
8. Calvo, Manolito       24. Asistio, Marina    39. Opleario, Josefina
9. Detondoy, Delfino           25. Baljeboco, Lucia  40. Osit, Adoracion
10. Ducha Jorge                 26. Balana, Amor Margarita       41.Ranulo, Amada
11. Gerale, Elvie                 27. Clarito, Ma. Amelia             42. Rodriguez, Marlene
12. Jatulan, Daniel      28.Delino, Clarita             43. R oncales, Ma. Teresa
13. Jocoya, Jose         29. Delmonte, Zita    44. Sumbilla, Aida
14. Mabuna, Fermin            30. Detondoy, Nora  45. Tikiko, Nandita
15. Merillo, Winefredo         31. Dianela, Marilyn 46.Villarta, Nimfa
16.Nival, Teodoro       32. Ducha, Beatriz   47.Yarzo, Thelma

Class Ruby (45) - Mr. Edwin A. Lubat, adviser

1. Acol, Leo         17. Opimo, Rodito  32. Gecomo, Nilda
2. Adesas, Leonardo            18. Osit, Leo   33. Gudes, Nelly
3. Aserit, Blas                      19. Zacate, Samson 34.Guerrera, Norma
4. Aserit, Santiago                20. Aclan, Merlita          35.Medrano, Erna
5. Baldelobar, Venerando     21. Acol, Milagros          36.Nicart, Rosalia
6. Ballan, Frumencio             22. Adamas, Ruby                 37.Nival, Dorotea
7. Ballena, Lino                     23. Adesas, Carlota               38.Openiano, Eldie
8. Baula, Pedro     24. Aserit, Ethelinda      38. Oreste, Anita
10. Bertos, Angel   25. Balagat, Ma. Teresa 39. Orquia, Josefina
11. Chenilla, Jose   26. Balaong, Vivian       40. Osila, Avita
12. Ducha, Jose    27. Ciabal, Genelin 41.Osit, Erlinda
13. Godino, Bernardo   28. Ciar, Leonida  42. Platino, Luz
14. Jasojaso, Rodolfo   29. Ero, Juditha     43. Sobrepena, Maria
15. Lubat, Nestor 30. Gecomo, Nida  44. Sumbilla, Nelia
16. Madolid, Nestor     31. Lopena, Ramona     45. Barriso, Loida

Class Emerald (35)-Miss. Lorna M. Ong, adviser

1. Acopio, Jesus   12. Rollan, Elmerio    23. Gesoyot, Marichu    33. Tapalla, Nelia
2. Acuba, Joselito 13. Sulayao, Rolando 24. Lobina, Metodia     34. Trabuco, Josefina
3. Caigoy, Ronilo   14. Sumbilla,Reynaldo       25. Lobrio, Imelda        35. Carbajal, Elena
4. Chenilla, Elvie   15. Valera, Ronaldo  26. Luteria, Lydia
5. Evardone, Egmedio   16. Gesoyot, Ronito  27. Madolid, Nilda
6. Guballo, Jose    17. Acol, Hermenia    28. Nival, Elisa
7. Guldo, Wilfredo 18. Acong, Adelina    29. Opimo, Rosie
8. Leguarda, Gilmore     19. Aserit, Mercima   30. Orenda, Teresita
9. Nival, Pio   20. Avila, Maria  31. Palileo, Nenita
10. Osit, Armando 21. Evardone, Genie  32. Patilla, Eulalia
11. Ranulo, Nestor        22. Gesoyot, Erlinda

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Yesteryears on a stand still
1. After the Bagyo, a gang of seniors: Vivian "Inday" Balaong, Marites "Vitamin OPQ* deficient" Balagat, Aida "otan*" Sumbilla, Amor"nutribun*" Balana, Juditha "Aunt Gertrude" Ero and Nedina Lapesura*OPQ(Otan, Paksiw, Quinilaw), Otan kay malubay man hiya, nutribun kay itom man hiya

2.Taken right after our Tactical Inspection which we won that
year(1980): Amor Balana, Roberto "Uncle Boboy" Redovan and Gilmore " Bong" Leguarda

3.Taken during our Tactical Inspection: Amor Balana (Battalion Commander),Elvie Gerale,Jose Ducha, Gilmore Leguarda, Elmerio Rollan

4. Judith Abrigon, Intramurals 1980

5. Marites Balagat, Intramurals 1980

As Time Goes By...
Recent events
6.Batch 80 Reunion 1989: Amor, Mano Rene (Marlene´s hubby), Marlene Rodriguez, Manolito Calvo, JuanRebaroja.Sitting: Rodito "Rodalyn" Opimo &
Egmedio Evardone

8. Vivian "Inday" Balaong Duran with husband Deo and son Justin, taken
during Justin´s christening in Toronto, Ontario, Canada year 2000.

7. Adelina "Michelle Barbo vda de Leguarda*" Acong. * Warya na niya
pag-asa kan Bobong kay very much married na hi Bobong.Taken in Hongkong, September

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Class of '80 Reunion