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Gallery 1
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Close to the mouth of the Sulat River.
Same location, different years.
Agawan Island
Somewhere in Luyang
The ride.
Somewhere in Lobo.
A cave in Lobo.
A view inside the cave.
Eddie, Rene, Jerry and company.
Ballroom dancing, anyone?
Bebot, Napo, Pade Ely and Billy.
Fredit, Bebot, Mana Sayong and Gloria
My aunt, Mana Dayday (learned to call her that way since childhood) and two Borongan friends.
Mana Pruden and Mana Lening

Familiar faces from one familiar place. Henry Plaza, Mano Donding's son, Mano Donding, Marilou Amidar, Mana Aida, Nella Plaza, Mana Celing Floria, Mana Thelma Baldado, Thelma Baldado Mapes and a guest.
Photo Credits:
1. Sulat River-----------------------Mitos Ojeda
2. Sulat River-----------------------Mitos Ojeda
3. Agawan----------------------------Mitos Ojeda
4. Luyang-----------------------------Mitos Ojeda
5. Carabao ride--------------------Mitos Ojeda
5. Lobo--------------------------------Mitos Ojeda
6. Cave1---------------------Nelia Columbretis
7. Cave2---------------------Nelia Columbretis
8. Celebration----------Myrna B. Boardman
9. Sarayaw---------------Myrna B. Boardman
10. Loyolans in Manila-
                               Myrna B. Boardman
11.Four Sulat/California ladies-
                     ---------------Nella Plaza Betz
12. Pio & Leo's Aunt + more-
                     ---------------Nella Plaza Betz
13. Matriachs 2-------------Nella Plaza Betz
14.Baldado & Plaza Families + more-                                               Nella Plaza Betz

Pauline, Amor and Patrik Klippmark
Patrik, Peter and Amor
Jenny Delmonte and her Aunt
Rebecca during Canada Day
Jenny Delmonte and her Aunt
Rebecca during Canada Day